Song for a Sunday // Snowbird

It finally happened.

The weather men and women called a blizzard and huge snowfall and they were right!!!  This would be wonderful, earth-shattering good fortune, you know, to have the weather report actually be as it has been fore-casted…if only they were not SO right in this instance.

But Colorado NEEDS this snow.

We were supposed to have a big ol’ celebrate-Malakai-shindig today.  But it shall be postponed due to lots of flurries and wind and cold and snow piling up.  We are still going to venture out, though, and go see bebe anyway.  Even though the Front Range world is on accident alert and all the newscasters ar saying stay in if at all possible, well…we just have to see our little Kai.

So the fam will gather in Frederick anyway and eat all the food we would have shared.  :)

Bonus track..  SNOW!

I will just be hanging around…washing my hair in snow!  :)

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