Song for a Sunday // He’s All I Need

I’ve sung this song a million heart-felt times, as a Pentecostal preacher’s daughter and beyond.  The simple lyric and soul-and-spirit-engaging melody could draw us right in, as I was growing up, and make us Pentecostals worship and cry out to God for a long time on a Sunday night – back when there were still Sunday night services.

He’s all I need.  He’s all I need.  Jesus is all I need~

He’s all I need.  He’s all I need.  Jesus is all I need!



The Crabbs captured the feel pretty well here.

No matter how sophisticated I ever get in my song choices or worship, in the really intimate times with God, this one still says what I need to say, the way I need to say it.  Because Christ IS all, Jesus is everything.

I am helpless, hopeless, broken.  I struggle, I fail, I fall again and again.  I blow it, when will that ever stop?…

But He?  Is ever faithful, ever true, ever forgiving.  In my helpless state ~

You are the Source

You are the Light

You are the Life

You are the Answer

You are my Help

You are my Provision

You are my Champion

You are my Creator

You are my Restorer

You are my Shield

You are my Peace

You are my Rest

You are my God, my Father, my true Abba-Dad

You are my All in All, and all I really need.

This song and me – both relics.  But my need for a Savior?  Current.  Very current.  Thank goodness there is this ~

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