Song for a Sunday // A Whole Worship Set

You say to us seek Your face

Our hearts reply, Your face we seek

And come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways

Anoint us for the greater things


We have gathered with one thirst and hunger

We’re here to drink of glory and wonder,

Here to cry out

Come and fill this place

Come and fill this place – From One Thirst, Steffany Frizzell

From the Ransomed Heart Ministries Becoming Myself LiveStream Day Retreat yesterday (because the worship was so great!):

After a short introduction to the day, Staci Eldredge set us on a course of worship, thoroughly vertical, starting with a song of words from God to us, then our response.  She said it would be a time to align our spirits with the Truth, to get ourselves ready to receive everything God had for us, 10 of us.

It did, powerfully.

nothing but the blood

And there was this song, which I couldn’t find on Spotify:

“You show me the way to life” – Who Can Compare, Jesus Culture

In case you needed directions…

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