Song for a Christmas Sunday: Our Blessed Savior Has Come


Carman with CeceWinans

Dave and I sang this very song (back with this official track) at malls, schools and churches from the time it was released on Carman’s album, “A Long Time Ago in a Land Called Bethlehem” in the late 80s through the early 90s.  It was one of our “greatest hits” and so much fun to sing.  Tara even mentioned we should sing it at the big Christmas Concert this weekend, but I think I’ll just sing along with Carman and Cece (one of the best voices ever) when no one is listening.


Various Artists – Our Blessed Savior Has Come

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The lyrics tell a story!

I love it because when you are surrounded by the track, it’s like you’re right in the middle of an epic story, so well told, in song.  And it breaks in to some amazing worship (did I mention that CeCe can sing!??), culminating in declarative exhuberance that brings you to your feet.  Because?  Our blessed SAVIOR has come!  Oh, yes!

Glory, glory to God

Glory to God in the highest

{PEACE & GOODWILL} the shepherds from the hill

For our blessed Savior has come!

11 thoughts on “Song for a Christmas Sunday: Our Blessed Savior Has Come

  1. How does one get a copy of the background accompaniment for the song Our Blessed Savior has Come? Would like to use it in our Christmas show. Thank you.

    1. Was it? Hmm…I guess I didn’t even notice when listening. The second verse is powerful. I still have the accompnaiment track on an old cassette. Maybe I will try to digitize in case it is never found again. Haha.

  2. Do you think your cassette has good sound? My sounds okay but it could use some work. I had been taking my accompnaiment tracks from cassette and digitize them.

  3. If you are looking to trade Carman original accompaniment tracks, let me know. I have a few and are looking for a few more.

    1. No way? You are not the D2S Zane, are you? By chance? I helped Carol Ann cater in Maui a few years back?
      And – all of our tracks were cassette tapes and pretty warbly by now. But we did have all the Carmen songs back in the day!

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