Song for a Christmas Sunday ~ Light of the World

Light of the World by Matt Redman

Is. 9.2 a people walking in darkness have seen a great light

This version of the song is from Chris Tomlin’s  Christmas album, but the musical genius (Matt) wrote it (and leads most of it) and every Christmas, I can’t help singing it.  And each Christmas when I drive  into my neighborhood and see the lights on the houses, I know they are declaring, whether those who strung them realize the truth they  represent or not, that the Light of the world came.  Every twinkling light, every candle lit that pierces the darkness that would otherwise be there represents Jesus, the light of the world.   Jesus dispelled a darkness that can never overtake us again.  We are children of the Light. 

 I look out my window on a December night and I remember: The Light came, He shines! 


John 8.12 Jesus said: I am the light of the world…

Light of the world

You shine upon us!

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