So some dork…

…broke into my car Friday night to steal the radio and sorta got it out and all broken and cut himself and bled all over my interior and the driveway and dropped pieces of my stereo on the drive everywhere and attempted to get into Dave’s car, but didn’t which is very lucky (for reasons I cannot mention here) and must have gotten spooked away as he bled because he left everything in disarray and turned on the hazard lights and drained my battery dry and apparently broke into some one’s home and ended up stealing a truck 10 houses down and because I had the blood evidence, the Brighton Police brought a DNA kit and I hope they catch the jerk and all his friends so I can sock them in the face {j/k…sorta}.

I don’t want your blood on my stuff, terd-head.  Next time wear gloves and clean up after yourself.  Geesh.

UPDATE :: {8.23} I had to go in and give a DNA sample for the investigators.  Now, I am on file.  I will never get to be a totally law-abiding citizen who commits a crazy awful crime that can never be solved because they go back to being law-abiding and there is just no trace…if I had ever even had a ridiculous thought like that cross my mind.  sigh.

2 thoughts on “So some dork…

  1. Reminds me of the enemy of our souls. Comes in, makes a mess, leaves junk all over, drains us, but never is able to take anything he originally came for.

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