Snow Daze “Snow” from the movie White Christmas;  daughter Stephanie quoted this song on Facebook the other day and reminded me how hilarious the words are. 

“I wanna wash my hands, my face and hair in snow.”

Thank-you, Jesus, the snow has finally subsided and the meltdown begins.  By 4 pm today huge sheets of thick, heavy, wet snow were sliding off the roof in loud splats, scaring my big-fat-chicken dog.  The sun re-emerged and made me very happy.


I never heard the official numbers for my city, but my own {highly scientific, I am certain} measuring says we got 13 1/2″.  I know this partly because I left my 12″ ruler in place at 10 pm the first night where the measurement said 9.25″ and the next morning, it had disappeared.  I had to pull out a yard stick.  Dessa’s neighborhood got more than a foot and a half of snow.

snow-jovan-027 snow-jovan-030 snow-jovan-061

If some one really is excited, as the song says, “to see a great big man entirely made of snow,” now would be the time.

pictured: snow measurement first thing Thursday morning; a huge pot of chicken and dumplings which Jovan had fortuitously requested for her family birthday party meal, as well as a balloon snowman Tredessa fashioned and Averi enjoying a piece of the very moist and dense triple-layered pumpkin spice cake with that cream cheese icing you could just die for.  Hot comfort food on cold days: good!

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2 thoughts on “Snow Daze

  1. As snow goes…you all can have mine! It’s nice but I want it to be something I opt for by choice than am covered by against my will. But I am happy for you all to love it, want it, wash your face and hair in it…and whatever! May your winter wonderlands be covered by it until mid August 2010! :0)

    Chills, everyone!

    PS Did you hear, my whole family is coming to Aberdeen, SD for Thanksgiving this year? You know what they say, the family that eats together bloats together! Can’t wait!!

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