Sneak Peek at the Giant Frame

For Robin’s wedding.


No traditional silly little archway for this special bride!  Suspended behind the minister and the wedding couple on yellow ribbon, framing their love vows, will be an 8′ x 6′ giant frame (a 2-foot frame profile).  It is all to create that picture-perfect day!


I am madly embellishing it today (yes, with paper mache made of laundry starch, glue, white paint and flour and a few rolls of paper towels) and silk flowers and odds and ends.  Truly, if I’d known how easy paper mache embellishing was going to be, I’d have by-passed the silks.  I was afraid I couldn’t do enough to fill up the 2-foot width of the frame profile, but you can see, it is easy!  Tomorrow, we will paint everything white white white (though we once toyed with the mimosa-yellow as a wow-factor) and hopefully, in some theatrical way, it will look like an ornate, old, carved frame.


Must haves: lace to add texture, corsage pins for extra stick-strength, Aelene’s Tacky Glue, no worry about the mess in the house, a good hot-glue gun and no fear!  Have paper towels, will travel!


Little known fact:  you cannot use spray paint on foam-based structures – it will melt the foam.  Trust me and my foam-expert friend, Pearly-Q.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at the Giant Frame

  1. Was the frame just plain all over and then you added everything else? Where did you find such a large frame? You, my sister of design on a dime, never cease to amaze me.

    1. Well, first, I cut the base of it from 2 4′ x 8′ pieces of 2″ thick styrofoam. Then we glued and bolted on some very basic, plain casing and base molding (the really cheap stuff from Home Depot). Then, I glued junk on: lace, silks, paper towels drenched in paper mache/starch stuff, and then (not shown here) globbed on lots of white paint to make it look as though it is really old and has been painted many times.

      It is theatrical or something you’d maybe see as a mall or large store display. I think I could be a window dresser. :)

  2. You most definitely could be a window dresser! It was totally AWESOME!!! Totally BEAUTIFUL!!! When do I get to see pics of it up and the bride and groom framed by it?

  3. Stormie has a few pictures up on FB. Wow! Jeanie your talent always leaves me in awe! That frame is the coolest idea ever!! I love it!

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