SIXTY-two, and still so cool!

Happy Birthday David

Happy Birthday, David Cassidy.

Where hath my youth gone???  Well-he is still performing, that is where!  PLEASE COME TO DENVER, David Cassidy!

Heck, please google your name and stumble upon this blog and leave me a comment.  :)  For which I would write another whole blog (if you do a search, you’ll see I have mentioned you before a time or two, with great love and affection)!!!

Notehow I suddenly began writing directly to David Cassidy himself as if he actually might read this.  Haha.  A girl can dream, can’t she?!


And in case you don’t know how serious I am about loving David Cassidy, see my kids’ Mother’s Day tribute to me in 2008. They recorded their own tracks and they lip-sync’ed to mimic a real Partridge Family experience. LOVE.

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