I limp into the house after a crazy-busy (truly miraculous, but wow-exhausting) week of Pastor’s and Ministry Leader’s Gatherings.  I drop my computer bag and kick off my shoes.

Proof of Life:

Outside, I nearly trip over the giant Tonka Fire truck on the patio and the hose gets stuck on a tiny tikes car as I attempt to water my potted plants.

Tall glass of ice cold water.  I plop onto the swing and swing in to be gently rocked….wait, what is that?  Wet!

Hahaha.  The grandbebes have been here.  While I was gone, they came to swim.  I missed the hugs and kisses.  I missed the sound of their laughter.  I missed a summer day with my favorite people in the universe.

But the proof of their recent presence remains, perfumes the air and makes me smile.

Signed, a slightly damp nonna


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