She’s like the Wind


A few weeks ago, I followed Averi (the youngest of my grandbebes), around with a camera.  Each time she “stopped,”  I’d try to snap her picture.  But she is faster than the digital can handle.

june-days-009 june-days-011 june-days-012

She’d be looking right at me, center screen, giving me that smile all grandmotherly-photographer types are dying to get.  And then?  Dang it!

june-days-015 june-days-016 june-days-026

Finally.  The money shot.


The cousins arrive.



Popsicles all around.  Summer is good.


She’s Like the Wind,” from the Patrick-he-used-to-be-so-cute-Swazye

7 thoughts on “She’s like the Wind

  1. These pictures are so cute! And I agree with Pearl – the popsicle picture is the cutest! Averi looks positively gleeful;o)

    What day were these taken?

  2. How fun! Maybe you can find some kind of way (Dave could figure it out I’m sure) to have an “Averi-cam” that just records her perspective on life all day…that would definitely be interesting!

  3. That girl is SO cute! You can’t hardly take a bad picture with her in it, even if she’s running out of the frame. That’s one of my favs, by the way, and so is the one with the Kelley kids. Great shots, mama!

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