She was born on an exquisite day just like today…

Happy Birthday, Tredessa!


Dessy, Dessa, Tre-Tre, Dessy-Pooh-Pie – all names for the exotic, dark haired beauty who arrived just days before a most lovely summer in 1983.  You were christened and accessorized in a  wardrobe of sunshine-yellow and an earlier, milder form of Jeanie-green to set you apart, I suppose, from the lots-of-pink we already had in the family.  You were baby-girl-number-three (thus, Tre) and I knew from the first moment I had alone with you, something very different, quite extraordinary and alluring lay there in my arms.  The eyes, even at birth, showed an intensity of spirit; yet there seemed to reside in you, even as a tiny bundle, a quiescent repose, a knowing restfulness.

Everything about you has proven these inklings to be so.  You excel in so much, baby-girl.  The time God spent knitting you together in my womb, was a favor I cannot hope to comprehend.  So lucky you are mine.


You were born to…

We were kids.  You arrived before our second anniversary.  Dad was playing church softball and I was involved in women’s ministeries and of course youth group with dad.  There were family walks and bicycles-around-the-block.  1106 S Armstrong in Kokomo, so much love and ice cream in the charcoal-colored house.  So much togetherness.  Garage sales with Miss Faye and dressing you so cute with intense colors because your hair and complexion were sufficient for them.  Playing in the pool in the backyard.  Hot summer days and sweet nights with our little family.  You arrived to happiness and love and gratefulnes that you came.

Words for your birthday

This is your “birthday card” from your mama who loves you and really couldn’t fit all the words I want to say in a whole album of photos of you.  Love you, sweet-pea.  I hope this birthday is the best you have ever had…yet.

Tredessa Rhoades on her birthday


PS to Ryan ~ Do you realize how blessed you are to see what you see?  To know her as you do?  You must be very special to God, indeed.  You have found treasure!

8 thoughts on “She was born on an exquisite day just like today…

  1. Happy birthday Dess! I agree wholeheartedly with everything mom said! It is so fun being your roommate and getting to hang out with you and Ryan all the time – I pray that this year blesses you beyond what you could have ever imagined for yourself and that your socks get completely blown off! ;) Love you!

  2. my star… no one could ever take your place, though i tried lol(nothing compares to you) my world here sometimes gets lighter after i fall asleep and you and your family consume my dreams. our hearts are overjoyed to be moving there soon… i am ecstatic to have my best friend in the whole wold just a fly-swatter away…. you bring out extra excitement in my heart and i can’t wait to see your ornery smile. Ryan is the luckiest guy in the whole world to have your heart (i will make sure he never forgets that) love you girl… hApPy bIrThDaY -dana-

  3. Thank you, momma! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read your post. This week has been too busy:) Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words and thank you to everyone else! I feel so blessed and loved by such a wonderful group of people! Love you all:)

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