she looked around

Hard year for my treasured friend, Marilyn.  But for all the love and generosity and hospitality and long-suffering and patience and gifts and kisses and joy and friendship she has ever sown into the garden of life, I know she is about to see a harvest for it all.

I asked God to give me a word in season for her and this line just popped out.

one day she looked around and realized she was surrounded by all the love she had ever given away

I think God wants her to know this is truth about her and it’s a line from her life story. Today is your day, Marilyn!

2 thoughts on “she looked around

  1. Thank you with all my heart Jeanie. You are such an awesome person. I believe you are right. I feel like a totally different person. A lot has changed in my life, but I feel goodness and love. My birthday week has made me do a lot of thinking and I am beginning to feel less stress, accepting more help and love from others and seeing Gods beautiful work in what He is doing with me. I love you so much.

    1. You are so worthy of all the love and friendship poured back into you. You are an amazingg friend! SO glad God put you in my path. Thanks to Jeff Mahan for that! :)

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