Second Trimester

I am surrounded currently, it seems, by young, beautiful and fruitful pregnant women.  Surrounded!  And while I am so glad, sooooooo glad, that that part of my life is over, there is a part of me that is a little bit jealous, too.  For while I endured all the nausea and inexplicable fatigue one goes through at the beginning of any pregnancy as well as the typical I-can’t-wait-to-get-this-kid-out-of-me that happens at 38+ weeks, there is a time in the middle that is like no other!  It is called the 2nd Trimester.

It gets good in the middle.

My friend, Jen, and I were having coffee the other day and began discussing all the pregnancies surrounding us, which is how this all came up.  We run in the same circles so we started listing off all the younger women we knew who are currently “in the family way.” And we remembered our own baby-bearing years.

I had FIVE 2nd trimesters and can I just tell you?  Good times.

Good Times!

Really, all things considered, I think the 2nd trimester of pregnancy may be the most incredible hormonal balance a woman can have.

I mean – you are sort of past nauseousness, but you’re not all popped out and big  yet (well, your breasts are, and that is a good thing for most of us), but the rest isn’t so you actually feel kinda glow-y and you have this heightened sense of well-being.

Since you’re pregnant, you are getting attention and people do nice things for you.  Then, you’re not having periods, new life is growing within, you’re taking those potent pre-natal vitamins so your hair and nails are strong and growing and your skin is in great shape and your complexion clear – thus “the glow.”  You’re still fitting in your jeans even if you have to leave the top button undone, but you can still look pretty cute and have a waistline…even if it is only visible from behind.

I looked up some actual medical facts from the Mayo Clinic about the 2nd Trimester and they pretty much concur.  You feel pretty darn good duirng this phase. Pretty good, indeed.

I don’t know, maybe I am just romanticizing the 2nd Trimester, but this is how I remember it.  If I could just stay in the 2nd trimester, maybe I would consider pregnancy again.  Maybe.

That’s right.  This is the kind of stuff I actually think…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  What happens if you’re 50 and you take prenatal vitamins?  Investigate.  Experiment.

10 thoughts on “Second Trimester

  1. You are totally spot on! The 2nd Trimester is amazing. I hope I get to go through five more of them, too. It’s really fun ’cause you start being able to feel the baby inside of you, but you’re not competing with him for space yet.

  2. I remember the 2nd trimester the same way. I often say if I could have stayed in that spot I could have had 10. I loved that time….finally started to show and people didn’t have to be careful to say the wrong thing (thinking whoa has that girl put on some lbs. or what?) they could actually tell there was a BABY in there! Loved the constant movement from my two active guys…awwww, I’m so grateful for that experience, true bliss.

  3. Well Jeanie, I agree , but disagree. If my 2nd trimester had no mroning sickness, it would have been perfect!

    Oh, and my OBGYN said that women should take prenatals as their main vitamin until they hit menopause. Her reasoning? “Just in case you need it, and they make your hair and skin look fantastic!”

    1. What is your doctor saying? That at menopause women should just give up??? I will never give in. Unless I reach menopause and just don’t care anymore…

    1. Here is a fun fact for you Audrey-kins…back in my baby-bearing days, you could only get those by prescription and they were expensive! It wasn’t until I was pregnany with Stormie that I could get them OTC, and even then, they were like $14 a bottle. A look back at the olden days. : )

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