Scotty, really?

He is sweet and cute, I love country and he can sing (he probably doesn’t even recognize the scope of his magnetisn yet, at 17).  Plus he is a Jesus-follower and represents well.  But, ya know, we already have a Josh Turner.  What is Scotty going to do when he has to give Josh’s song back? 

Lauren, sweet as puddin’ pie, great voice.  Not ready for prime time.

I didn’t even watch the final 2 weeks of American Idol.  Just read Yahoo-news and it was enough.

Haley was strong, just waiting to be unleashed all the way.  That girl has style and a voice! She packed a multi-faceted musical punch.  James was hard-core and really, even though that is not even my thing, absolutely belonged in the final three.  Casey is the voice (and fascintaing musician) of a modern-retro, way cool-cat generation.  They should have have been the top three.  I mean, technically Haley was in the top three, but if she still left at the same time, at least it would have been better to have left against James and Casey. 

Just opining

I have never bought a lottery ticket and I did not vote one time this year ( I have only ever voted one year: Blake Lewis), though it actually was probably my favorite year ever just because of the varied styles and extreme talent represented.  I missed Simon and I like Jennifer and Steven.  But the end?  Questionable.  I doubt Scotty could have, would have won with Simon in the judge’s seat.

Congratulations, though, Scotty.  You seem like a good kid with a bright future.  Only God knows what He has in mind for you (and He is all good)…see the WIN here

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  1. I adore Country Music and I am looking forward to seeing what sweet Scotty is gonna do! I can’t wait! I love that he loves Sweet Jesus, it just makes everything sweeter!

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