It is plum frightening to think how much I’d be missing if I weren’t a grandma!!!

Pictured – the grandbabies at the church HarvestFest tonight:  Gavin as Darth Vadar, Hunter as a farmer who takes care of animals, Guini as Princess Leia,  Gemma as an Ewok and Averi is a strawberry!  Kudos to their wonderful mommies (those are my girls!!) for creating all of these costumes for their kids.  Who knew they’d be so talented?  Well, me actually!

5 thoughts on “Scary!

  1. Those grandbabies are truely enjoyed! How fun to be them in such great costumes! The picture reminded me of something an elderly lady told me when the boys were little. “Let them play, childhood is so short.”:)

  2. Oh, my! I LOVE this shot! You are so blessed. There are so many days Wrex and I want to skip the kids part and go right to the grandkids! ;) What fun!

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