Savoring Summer

Too much fall talk.  It doesn’t happen until September 22nd…after dark.  Let me have the last of my summer, please.

Yes my tan is fading.  Yes the nights are cooler.  Yes, the tender plants in the garden are closing down.  But I insist on enjoying and savoring every last drop of summer, wearing flip flops and white shorts, keeping the pool going for another couple of weeks and singing “Summer Breeze.”   You cannot stop me.

Today?  I savor my summer lunch:

Al dente pasta noodles afloat in a perfect,  hot and sizzling garlic-butter and extra-virgin-olive-oil blend, tossed with fresh garden tomatoes (a selection of both super-sweet and those with a slightly enticing tang) and baby zucchini ribbons.  My tongue trembles in anticipation as the fork, full, comes near my lips.  Black pepper, Kosher salt and Parmesan sprinkled generously on top.

You would hate me if you knew how good this is!  Mmmm, mmm…..

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