Same two words…one day away

OOPS! Found in drafts…this actually happened on May 1st

Tomorrow is the fashion show benefit. 100% of the ticket sales will go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. But the tickets are so low-priced it is only a drop in the bucket for MADD.

I’ve learned a few things about MADD since we started this project 3 months ago.

I found out MADD was founded by a mom whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I don’t know if anyone in the world could have foreseen how much impact this amazing woman made by turning her sorrow into change.

MADD leads the way for legislation that protects victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving in our nation. In fact they make it easy to send emails and letters to our own legislators and help you know how to Take Action {click here}. But more than that, MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims and survivors at no charge, serving one person every 8.6 minutes through local MADD victim advocates and at 1-877-MADD-HELP.


So I am so happy to be participating to benefit an organization like MADD. It’s a fashion show with more than clothing at its’ heart. Because at the heart of it you find the title sponsor, Eldeen Annette, Ellie, as I call her. She is a talented photographer who takes a group of high school kids each year and by making them her studio “models,” affords them the opportunity to experience numerous photo shoots in a variety of settings during their senior year.

And this year she added to the experience by putting on a fashion show. The students sold the tickets to benefit MADD and they will also walk the runway in spotlights and fun clothes, ending in their prom dresses and suits and get to have stylists and pampering and fun!  Isn’t that nice of Eldeen Annette Portraiture?


So, yes, I guess you could say it’s just a fashion show, but I have had a blast working on it, from securing the venue to selecting the songs to shopping the stores, to recruiting  volunteers. And I have high hopes for it. When all is said and done

  •  I hope the 20 models from 7 area high schools will have had a good time and felt special and beautiful, hitting the runway in fun fashion trends they may never have even tried on before.
  • And I hope they will know a little bit more about MADD and that because they do and because they have learned something they will be a little less likely to take risks themselves. I hope they’ll take a stand and influence their friends and family too.
  • I hope all the businesses (these listed and many besides) that have joined me in this adventure in time and resources: B & B Dance Company @ The Prairie Center, GAP @ Flat Iron Crossing, Maurice’s @ The Marketplace, Bohme @ Flat Iron, Rue 21 @ The Marketplace, Old Navy @ The Orchard, Pink Door Boutique in Brighton (downtown), Shift Originals, Montage Academy (formerly Longs Peak Academy of Longmont) will get lots of love back for their effort! I hope they will reap the generosity they have sown and have business opportunities open.
  • And I really hope people discover the joy of just having fun and doing something good in a fun way.

For my longsuffering friends and familia who so lovingly and willingly said, “Sure, I’ll help,” #BESTILLMYHEART! You are amazing and lovely. Thank-you for trusting me with portions of your life. Doing cool things together is part of what makes the time we live and love sweeter.

gold glitter anyone

The SOE and script are complete, the songs o-so-carefully chosen and timed out, the marketing done, the clothing sorted on racks, high heels lined up. Gift bags with many cool goodies, stuffed…A fast and furious fashion show is about to happen…

So, two words: fashion show. But many, many hopes for it to be much-more + fun…  :)


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