Sam May: A Miracle that Keeps Happening!

In February of 2010, I asked all my friends and family to pray for Sam May.

He’d been in a horrible accident and it didn’t look like there was much hope.  My dad pastored a church in NW Indiana where Roni May was the pianist and the Mays became great family friends over 30 years ago.  In fact, my mom conisders Roni, Sam’s wife, her dearest friend in the world to this day and she always reminds me to pray for them.  I even babysat Ryan when he was a little guy and I was in high school.

Ryan has put together a documentary about their ordeal and great hope and about the faithfulness of God, really, when all hope seems gone.  This moving tribute makes you want to get back in the battle and possess your land-of-milk-and-honey!

W A T C H ! !

1 thought on “Sam May: A Miracle that Keeps Happening!

  1. Odd today that my meal for the evening is Ronnie May’s Spaghetti and Meatballs. I hardly ever go to all the work to make this meal but Joe thought it sounded good. Ronnie gave me the hand written, secret recipe as part of our wedding gift with one stipulation – I wasn’t to share it with anyone. I wasn’t around Ronnie much but always remember her laugh and smile and what a gift that is now for her husband. Couldn’t keep back the tears and as I prepare my meal today, I will remember to pray for this family and thank God for all He has done for us in our valley.

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