Rocky Mountain High

We were in Estes Park during the Elk Festival.

10 am off the deck at Lori’s house.

And we saw lots of Elk, but did not take one picture of them.  Not one.

Primarily, I suppose, because even though it is Elk season up there, I was there for the purely selfish reason of reprieve and relaxation.  Not the elk.  For me.  The elk are on their own for that.

Clouds started rolling in late morning.

We were at our niece’s house, enjoying the cool nights and pretty fall days..

Leaving in the early afternoon for some time on the River Walk and people watching; the Aspen just out the front door was changing color hourly, I swear!

 Back to the mansion on the hilltop in Estes at around 7 pm.  Some clouds had moved in and it even sprinkled on us for 5 minutes or so.  But the sun was forcing its’ way back into our evening…

I decided to sit outside and sing my head off until it got very dark and cold or I lost my voice.  The voice went first.  But it was also pretty dark and a tad chilly.

 The last of the day’s fall rays.

Refreshed in the crisp, cool Colorado Rocky Mountain air.

THANK-YOU, Lori (o blessed niece-of-mine) and Emilee (great-niece, great in both senses of the word) and fam for the loan of your exquisite, way-up-high home while you were away.  LOVELY.  Peaceful and life-giving!

My songs are probably still echoing around the mountains.  Hope that does not disturb the elk.  :)

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. I saw the tree by the front door starting to turn before we left….it was soooo pretty….im so glad u enjoyed ur selves….anytime!!! Xoxo

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