Return to Me

Frank or Dino?  Dino, of course.

Return to Me

The movie, “Return to Me,” an all-time favorite.  In a Chicago neighborhood (my sister lives in one) where colorful cultures collide, LOVE this movie.  Pretty people.  Sweet story, deep love (more than once), zoo animals, a garden in the city, lots of romance and comic relief via some classic actors.

I could live off quotes from this movie.  And the soundtrack is divine (because Dean Martin, people!).

And there is a pretty decent kiss at the end – in Italy!

One of the greatest movie lines ever: Grace has Bob’s dead wife’s heart!

You should rent or buy or Netflix, but watch it.  Watch it!

2 thoughts on “Return to Me

  1. “So …. he’s not cheatin?” No! Ofcourse not! It IS a second chance at deep love for those who have lost the first. Ahhh, what a greaaat movie. If only I could buy one of my neighbor’s garage’s, I could make my driveway into that garden in the city. Love it!

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