Remembering those who have served

Veteran’s Day.

When I was a young girl watching the old “Frances the Talking Mule” movies on Saturday afternoons. I was very interested in being a WAC, like my great Aunt Jenny had been.  But I have never served in the armed forces {though I still kinda think I would’ve thrived there).  But I have been served.  And I am grateful.

Today, I am thanking the men and women who are far away from their families, doing a too-often thankless job, while I am here enjoying mine.

And I’d like to thank the families of the brave who serve us for all they give up – for us all.

And today, I want to remember the multiple thousands who have served and are gone, but who are not forgotten for all they have given and I remember my own family members who have served in so many different branches of the military over the course of time and wars.  I am grateful.  I thank God for them all.  Today I remember.

I won’t forget.  Thanks.

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  1. Well said, Honey. I second the sentiment. I also am so grateful for those who serve. Whenever I see a person in uniform out in public, I try to always walk up to them and thank them for their service. Thank You vets

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