Re: The Current Tomato Crisis

We are in crisis as a nation: tomatoes have been pulled from the grocer’s shelves, restaurants are not serving them (  

This is my official statement:   We all know the devil tries to destroy the divine.   He will not succeed.

And I don’t know why my so-called-friend, Bryan, is joining Satan’s efforts to thwart what I know is heaven-on-earth (I have written about tomatoes a few times: here and here and here, or just search the word ‘tomato’ on this site  to see how truly devoted I am!!).   See Bryan’s dastardly efforts here:

I am off to attend my private tomato vineyard…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Pray and pray hard that the source of the salmonella is found and the sacred can be restored to us…

image from google…look how angry that scientist looks – could this be a nasty set-up of the tomato???

4 thoughts on “Re: The Current Tomato Crisis

  1. Satan also uses beautiful things to deceive the weak minded. Which one of us is really deceived. I’m not the one sweating in my yard just so I can put a ball of seeds and slime in my mouth.

  2. mmmmmmm tomatoes! I can’t wait to have your famous homemade salsa, ooh and some BLT’s, and some tomato and fresh mozzarella with basalmic vinegar! I am so hungry right now!;o)

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