What?  Grandpa is going to Wal-Mart?

“Grandpa, I need you to pick up 5 bottles of glue and some Borax.”

Said by Guini, who is planning to whip up a sizeable batch of Goop, apparently.  That is Stephanie’s daughter!

Meanwhile –

Gavin is compiling a long list of Home Depot items he wants (metal pipes, wood, green paint) to make a large skate park on our front sidewalk.  He estimated his costs at $74,000.

Gemma grabbed her notebook and said, “O-I need to make my list for the store: t-o-y spells toy.  How do you spell…no, just toy.  That is all I need.”

2 thoughts on “QOTD

  1. Maybe I am glad you have them and not me! I don’t think I could afford $74,000 for a skate ramp.
    They are cute and seem to know that grandpa will buy them the necessities!

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