Preparation: 40 Nights of Prayer & Worship

I hang out with a bunch of crazy people.   They are going to spend the summer praying and worshiping and seeking God’s face on behalf of the ministry to happen at Heaven Fest ( on July 26th.   I love these people.   I am going to be hanging out with them a lot over the next 40 days (starts today 6-16-08, 7-9 pm each night).   You are invited to join us, too!

Location: Northern Hills, just northeast of 160th Ave and Colorado Blvd. in Brighton, CO

NOTE:   Mary Jean and I will be leading the worship on Wednesday June 18.   Show up!


4 thoughts on “Preparation: 40 Nights of Prayer & Worship

  1. I will tell ya, I do like the picture of these hands praying better than those old shriveled grandma hands that we always had growing up. We had some cast of them on the coffee table. I guess they reminded us to pray but for a young boy it simbolized a religion for frail women.
    These hands are strong and mighty and ready to tear down the forces of evil.
    Better pic…

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