Pre-school for Averi

Like her cousins before her…

It’s Averi’s turn!  I pre-schooled Gavin first, then Hunter.  Then I got Guini time.  And most recently there was Gemma, right up until almost Heaven Fest.  She is having fun in Kindergarten now.  Averi actually joined Gemma for a while and the three of us had lots of fun.

But now?  It is just Averi and Nonna time.

She is a very eager learner.

She is also above-average smart and way ahead of the pre-school curve.  And I am not just saying that because I am her Nonna.  It is TRUE!  :)

Crayon shavings.  Must have sharp crayons!

Plus she is cute as a button!

1 thought on “Pre-school for Averi

  1. AWE!!!!! She LOVED school sooooo much! She kept asking after her homework, “Do I have more to do?”!! She wanted more homework! She LOVES her Nonna and the time she gets with her!! Love you!

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