Poor baby Gemma

Gemma took a hard fall a couple of days ago running to get into the car to take Gavin to school and smashed her mouth up pretty badly.  She had to get stitches (2 inside and 2 out)  and they are worried about her teeth, whether or not permanent damage might have been done.  After the stitches are out and the swelling goes down, she has to see a dentist to make sure her little pearly-whites aren’t going to fall out or something worse.

She came over after the stiches (where she did not cry one little bit, even when she got the shots) and I watched her lip just swell and swell and swell.  When she tried to eat a little and it hurt, very quiet tears streamed down her cheek.  She is such a sweetie-pie, no drama.  Turns out, though, that popsicles are the ticket!  Gemma is in frozen-treat heaven!


I love you, my little GemGem.

5 thoughts on “Poor baby Gemma

  1. Ohhhh Gemma, I pray her sweet little mouth and teeth will heal up all the way! Jordan was wrapped up like that when he had to get stitches from a neighbor’s dog bite to his face…hard to see them go through stuff like that. So sorry :(

  2. So glad you found the secret for her! She deserves a little something special for all she went through. I’ll be praying for her little mouth also. That bottom picture reminds me of a little puppy dog!…so darling!

  3. Thanks everybody! It WAS really hard to see her go through that, but she is a trooper and came through nicely;o)

    She gets her stitches out on Friday!

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