May Day! May Day!

Pieces of April….

M A Y   D A Y is today!….

I’ve got pieces of April, I keep ’em in a memory bouquet
I’ve got pieces of April, but it’s a morning in May**

May Day memory:

As kids in Des Moines in the 1960s, we’d create “baskets” from paper: usually a cone-shaped affair with a “handle” attached.  We’d fill the containers with candy or lilacs, which happily bordered the yard, and hang them on neighbor’s doors, ring the bell and then run.  May Day was the most sunny, delightful holiday of them all.  No pressure, no rules – just try to be sweet to people annonymously.  Shouldn’t we be doing more of that?


Pictured: google images.  The ones we did as kids had spring flowers like these on the left, but were paper cones like on the right.  I like the idea of the paper flowers with the Rolo glued to the center shown here.  Hmmmm…..hope some one does this for me today!  Chocolate + caramel = Rolos YUM

A great website to visit on May

CLICK HERE:  Two of my super-cool daughters’ website using their middle names.  What have they got up their sleeves today, I wonder?  Read all the posts you have missed and I promise you’ll be smarter and way more hip by the time you have finished!

“April gave us springtime, and the promise of the flowers…”**

Pictured:  My ‘pieces of April’ ~


Averi and Amelie by  “…together in perfect harmony…”



The Kelley Kids:  Gavin-the-Great, Guini-my flower girl, and GemGem the delightful!


Hunter-Magoo at a video shoot doing the Heaven Fest dance!


Planning for May fun.  Bright and cheery.  Weddings and graduations, showers and celebrations galore!


April hair: mine is brown-black (on purpose this time) and Dave’s is growing back.  Left: what he looked like at the end of March having just finished 2 months of keeping it shaved for the ANNIE performances.  Right: this is now. 

**LYRICS: From [possibly] my favorite Three Dog Night song, Pieces of April, written by Dave Loggins.  He explains: “I wrote [Pieces of April] at a very special time of my life. Special, because I met the ‘love of my life’ and had recently lost her. By chance, we were together for three consecutive Aprils and then she left me for good. Today, I don’t know where she is or how her life turned out. May is symbolic of the present, April was, and still remains a sweet yesterday. I have never really gotten over ‘April’ and the ‘pieces’ still remain. Those sweet Aprils… It’s my favorite song, too.”  -Dave Loggins

Isn’t today a positively perfect May Day?  O yes!

2 thoughts on “May Day! May Day!

  1. Yes, Random Acts of Kindness, now we need Oprah to rally the troops in order for us to do something nice for someone for no apparant reason? May Day and May Poles and May Baskets; and I remember May Day Activities at Belleview Christian School, such fun with all day off of school work and the big student/faculty softball game at the end of the day, we always beat them but we were young bucks back then too, youth energy over experience I guess… Such fond memories…

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