Out with the 70s

Over 70-degrees yesterday shopping**?  Totally ruined my outfit + scarf, wrapped nonchalantly around my neck as though it didn’t care.  Too dang hot.  I actually saw the rare, but dreaded December fly out back.

Come on, sweet Colorado Christmas snow!  Oh, but don’t ruin the Brighton Parade of Lights or “Merry Gentlemen” cast party on Saturday night.  That would just be rude.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-night.

our back yard, christmas 2012
Blue skies of Colorado over the green grass (covered with brown leaves) on a yellow-sunny December afternoon.

**I was a lucky girl, out with niece, Lori, and great-niece, Emilee, even if it was hotter than Hades.  They did see some snowflakes this morning at their house up in Estes this morning, though.  Good times!

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