One Last Look at ANNIE


The final curtain fell on Prairie Playhouse’s production of Annie 2 weeks ago now.  It was a great show.  Dave was amazing as Daddy Warbucks.  The cast had great chemistry.  The orphans were not only adorable, but very talented!  Director Shauna Dunlap did a great job of  putting the show together and getting the best out of everyone.  Don Dupree led the orchestra and did a great job.

Our entire family continues to sing Annie tunes when we are together…and even when we we’re not!

From backstage


If you are Dave’s friend on Facebook, you can see gazillions of pictures from the production.  Please note my antique desk, my chair, my Christmas tree, my dog and my husband.   I would like my contributions recognized.  : )

Friends and family and neighbors attended every single performance.  There was always a line of people waiting to get pictures with Daddy Warbucks and Annie!


Jovan’s nieces Mikhaila and Bella and their friends; Amy Anderson and Linda Timmerman came all the way from Nebraska!


Sister-in-law, Sharon from Eaton; Jared and Kristie A., Rocky, Marilyn and Corky

Dancing and singing  on stage


The final bows, a fond farewell


So, for Dave’s birthday a few days later, the girls whipped together a little Daddy Warbucks theme.

You can speed up or slow down the slides by clicking on the plus or minus symbols and to read the caption, just place the cursor on the picture as it goes by.


We did all don bald caps to surprise him, but I am not allowed to show that.  Or I won’t.  Whichever.

NOTE TO DAVE:  You were great, honey.  Seeing you jump on furniture and dance, watching you act,
seeing your have so much fun – was great!  Yet, no. 
I am not OK with you growing long-long hair for Peter Pan.  Huh-uh.  No.  I am not seeing that. 
It’s called a wig.  Check it out.
Portraits by Dani, the photos from the actual play

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