One-hundred and sixty-two

If, say, I had the chance to feed 162 of my closest friends and family members…or if YOU wanted to…

You’ll need some big pots and a day to do it.  Quanitity cooking is a must.

There would be, for sure:

500 or so of my world-famous Swedish Meatballs in that to-die-for sauce with sweet oinions and peppers from the garden.  Plus, those delicate noodles on the side, which shall be served bathed in butter and garnished with garlic chives.  Within 20 minutes, at least 17 people would come to tell me, “They’re gone.  They are all gone.  No more meatballs.  Why didn’t you make more???”

50 pounds of juicy, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth, seasoned-just-so pulled pork (sort of swimming in its’ own juices, but definitely de-fatted!), with BBQ sauce on the side.  Sure, you may enjoy it on a roll, but you can also just eat it by itself.  Mmmm.

3.75 gallons of succulent, sweet, bacon-riddled, ham-hocked baked beans.

Omygosh – it was a dessert-lovers paradise.  Cara Jo made me bring the caramel fountain (the Cara-(Jo)-Mel Fountain.  And then everyone baked and sugared their heads off.

40 pounds of potatoes = potato salad, almost too heavy to lift once all the goodness is added.

A lovely macaroni salad, started with 4 pounds of uncooked rotini, gently boiled to al dente perfection, mixed with a delish dressing and peppers in every color of the rainbow, garden-fresh tomatoes, black olives, slow-smoked ham, aged cheddar and I don’t know what all, but it is beauteeeeeful!

I enjoy quantity cooking.  And my favorite friends do, too

Patrice and Lori-my-niece: YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!!

Thank-you for your QUANTITY cooking love and abilities, too!  YOU KEPT ME SANE!!!

Photos: At the Heaven Fest Leadership Wrap-Party on Saturday.


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