OK, so today I am one day older than I was yesterday.  I wish I were one day wiser, too, but the wisdom part doesn't seem to keep up with the aging part.

Time flies when you're having fun!…Jeanie

NOTE TO MY SPECIALS:  Dave, Tara & Dave, Hunter, Steph & Tris, Gavin, Guini, Gemma, Tredessa, Rocky & Jovan (and the baby within), and Stormie – You're the reason I was born…

5 thoughts on “Older

  1. Happy Birthday to the bestest mommy EVER!  I love you mom(even though you like to irritate me) just kidding…and you're NOT old!

  2. Happy Birthday, mama!!!!  You are far from being old.  I still look at the character at the top of your blog and see your exact replica!  I am so glad that you were not only born on this day years ago, but I'm even happier that I was born through you!  You bless your children more than you'll ever know on this earth.  I hope and pray that God will show you how much when we all get to Heaven.  I love you!

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