Oh, the places you’ll go…

Stephanie and Tristan just got back from an anniversary trip to London and Pah*ree!  {Paris, but have fun with it}

 In London.

She has been writing about it at www.MayDae.com There are amazingly beautiful photographs.  I am not just saying that because I am her mom.  The pictures are straight from  a Conde Nast travel mag!

Stephanie is Paris.

Stormie and her dad just returned from a trip to Honduras with Compassion International

A truck burgeoning with tomatoes

Where they got to see firsthand that the simple act of sponsoring a child really does impact their lives forever – AND you can actually meet and know that child!  She has also been writing about it, with photographs, naturally, at www.MayDae.com

Stormie and Dave (center) with their trip hosts and translators.  Everyone sort of expected Dave to be able to speak Spanish.  But, no.  He is the worst.  :)

Tredessa and Ryan, the newlyweds, are in Florida for the week.

His brother, Erik, is marrying Jen.  Congratulations Erik and Jen.  You are awesome.  We love you and wish you the best.

Erik, Cody and Jen at Ryan and Tre’s wedding. 

Rocky and Jovan are headed to Las Vegas for a little romance for a few days.

They are spending the night with the Girly-Q’s tonight so we can shuttle them to the airport early in the morning and hang out with Averi and Amelie on Friday.

Swiped from Facebook this morning.  Pretty family.  Rocky rocking the horizontal stripes.

And if I tried to document all DP and Tara’s travels, this would indeed become the Powers-Family-Travelogue.  But for the next few days?  They’ll be around.  :)

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