Oh-oh-oh-Oh, those summer nights, wella-wella-wella-well

Looooooooooooooooooooong day.  Good day.  Long day.  I have been everywhere and back, more than once.  Got to hang out with lots of cool people and enjoy the 10th day before the big fest.

But oh, nice!

Mmmm…getting in the car to come home late.  No more worrying about my hair looking acceptable.  Time to relax and turn the radio up while I roll the windows down and let the warm summer breeze blow wild.  As I crest the hill into my little village, lightening flashes in a rhythmic show along the eastern horizon and the sky is hot pink and purple, blue and indigo alternately.

google image

I am tired beyond tired and yet, for a few minutes on the drive home, I am o-so-young again.

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