Oh, glory-be, SPELL-CHECK is back!

Ay-yi-yi how I have longed for thee, my little WordPress spell-checker!

Good gravy, people, I HATE HATE HATE proof-reading.  A couple of months ago my blog quit spell-checking.  I would hit the button and it would tell me, though I could see with my very own eyes that I indeed had misspellings, “No misspellings found.”  LIAR! 

I updated everything I knew to update.  I researched online and the only answer I could find was: No one knows why it happening to certain blogs.  UGH!


I am actually a pretty good speller (which according to spell-check is not a word).  But I am a horrid typist when I am under the magical-spell of writing-inspiration.  My fingers fly way too close to the sun.  My thinking is: let me get this out before I explode and then spell-check can correct me.  But spell-check had bailed.  Spell-check just left me hanging, just abandoned me!

Dave and others had suggested I just type it all in MS Word first and check it there and then paste it into the blog.  People, I implore you – please don’t give me yet another step!!!

Actually, I believe in proof-reading and spell-checking and the importance of good grammar and punctuation and all that. But I have also been rebelling against “leadership excellence means never making a mistake, not-ever in your entire life to prove you are of value to society” a little, too.

This taught me a lesson.  I am going to be good now and try to, maybe, possibly, as often as I can, whenever it seems necessary, to the best of my ability, if I can possibly stand it: spell-check AND proofread before I publish, generally speaking.  Maybe.

Don’t fence me in.

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