I painted white numbers, 1 – 5, on the black breakfast bar stools the kids painted for me for Mother’s Day.  I used 5 different fonts and blew them up to about 250 points, but then I decided to make them all about 4″ high and that seemed to actually disappate some of the uniqueness of the variety of fonts, but I still like ’em.  I waxed them for protection (Minwax for Furniture – the old-fashioned way women used to do their furniture). 

mid-june-058 mid-june-057 

You’d think the grandkids would want to sit on them in the order of their birth, but you’d be wrong.  Everyone wants the big numbers now.

mid-june-059 mid-june-060

All 5 of the little bebes came over Saturday night and filled the house with happy chaos.  Averi had to go home at 10 o’clock, but the other four spent the night.

At exactly 6:03 a.m., they jumped on to the bed, surrounding me (maybe “swarming” is more accurate) and started saying “Wake up, Nonna!  Wake up!”  And, “It’s gonna be a great day!  Wake up!”  Hunter demonstrated for me how to wipe the sleep from my eyes by twisting my fists over them.  They jumped and jumped until I agreed to get up.

mid-june-052 mid-june-051

We started with cereal as an appetizer, followed by cheesy scrambled eggs as the main dish.  Poppa chose the cereal, but my grandbebes all love my eggs.


Somehow we were able to get them all presentable for church (almost had a disaster when Gemma, in her pretty pink polka-dot dress, got into a jar of Vicks…yikes!) and actually arrived on time!

“But from everlasting  to everlasting, the LORD’S love is with those who fear Him, and His righteousness with their children’s children…”  Psalm 103.17 NIV

Counting my blessings (as well as my breakfast-bar stools)…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Re-surface that blasted breakfast bar!!!

3 thoughts on “Numbered

  1. The food is always better at grandma’s house, even when it comes out of a can or a box! I guess this is because of the unconditional love and acceptance served with it.

  2. The stools look so cool!!

    I love seeing the pics of the kids too! They had a blast over there;o)

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