Not a ballpoint in the bunch

I miss my Pentel Tetra Rollerball (non-refillable) Pens  {why, o why did every store I shop at quit selling them????)}.  And I know I will never love like that again, but meanwhile, I do believe in a free-flowing ink.  These were at the bottom of my bag during a recent cleaning/re-org.  All beautiful in their own way.  All very fluid, some gel, some marker.  Just not my smooth, glaze-a-licious rollerball.  Not my Tetra.  *sigh…

Inks in purple, blue, black, green, even red.  They try.  They do so try…

4 thoughts on “Not a ballpoint in the bunch

  1. When writing, one must have a connection with the instrument that puts those thoughts on paper. I have my favorite too. When I look in my desk drawer and can’t find one, I feel at a loss. I just start digging through every bag, drawer, purse etc., until I find one. Then I sit satisfied, ready to start my day.

  2. I love, love, love, my presharpened natural wood pencil from Wally world. I’m usually a glitter, color loving girl. But for me the afore mentioned pencil sends shivers down my spine and satisfies the natural hippie girl hidden inside me. My question is: Can we still be friends? I will never be critcal of your writing instruments. I will even delight in your love for them if we can still be friends that are different but alas still friends. :)

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