None for me, thanks

Malakai did not like his birthday cake.


Poor little guy.  Thirty or so of us suddenly plopped him into his high chair, put a 6 1/2″ high 6-layer colorful cake (purple-blue-green-yellow-orange-red) in front of him and yelled, “Eat, Malakai, eat cake!”  He could not have been more perplexed.  Cameras were flashing, people were clapping and laughing and the cake just sat there.


His mommy tried to help him by placing his hand in the icing and he became immediately suspicious of the whole thing.  She put a little icing in his mouth and he did not like it.  Not at all!  He has never had sugar like that, always eaten healthy.  So we were surprised.  We thought maybe if we cut into the cake and he saw all the pretty colors, he’d give it a try.




Then the worst: Tara put a little taste of cake in his mouth and he gagged.  He gagged.  Then he got so mad, he cried.

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He will either (1) grow up to love cake more than anyone else in the world ever has and these pictures will be a hilarious in retrospect, or (2) eschew cake his lifelong, always eat healthy and probably be all the better for it!


Nonetheless, Malakai came as a fulfillment of the sweet promises of God.  And like when you see a rainbow, you remember that God keeps His promises, so when we look at these pictures we’ll always remember that one year ago, in spite of all the tears and the prayer and the hopes and dreams that felt like they might never be realized, Kai was born to bring joy and joy he has brought and we are reminded: God keeps His promises.  God is always faithful.


Kiss-kiss, Malakai!


Malakai’s little personal cake was baked with a 6″ pan, 6 layers (purple-blue-green-yellow-orange-red) with a cooked, whipped icing that is actually slightly less sweet because I did not want to put him in a coma.   ;)

The “guest cake” was also 6 layers, same colors from the bottom up using a 10″ pan.  It was way bigger than it looks!



4 thoughts on “None for me, thanks

  1. This soooooooo reminds me of little Sawyer. She didn’t want a single BITE of her cake. She kept feeding it to daddy. To this day, the kid doesn’t care for sweets…but I’m thinking Wryder will be much, much different – ha!

  2. Momma-the cake was not only beautiful and delicious but such a beautiful picture of promise! You have blessed me and my family with your grace and thoughtfulness even if Kai did gag a little! Love you!!

  3. Hilarious moment! If he can resist your cakes for the rest of his life he’s a MUCH better person than me. hahahaha

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