No bebe. Quite yet.

I was wrong.  We are so close, but no grandbebe, yet. 

Labor started,

then ceased.  Pooey.

IN OTHER FAMILY NEWS:  Last night at Chilis, where the Adams County Coroners were apparently convening, and I hope no one was “hanging around” in those shiny vans…if you know what I mean, as we were waiting to be seated, Dave was “recognized” by a group of about 6 or 7 young kids who all started smiling at him and waving, giggling and taking his picture.  He is famous in Brighton.  (Tredessa and Stormie had just taken him jeans shopping because he doesn’t know how to highlight his assets, so to speak).

And MayDae did 2 posts on the fundraiser decor they did for the WWM/Heaven Fest dinners the past couple of weeks.  Go look! (

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