Never Trust a Zucchini

Seriously.   Don’t trust a zucchini.   Not ever.   Just don’t.

You go out to water early in the day before the sun has shown it’s face.   You see a little fruit looking so tender, so true.   You think about picking it, it is almost perfect.   But then it says to you, “Just wait until this evening-just before you want to put me on the grill.   I’ll be perfect then.   I’ll have plumped up becoming even more juicy.   I’ll just wait here.”

But 12.2 hours later, when you return, that same green fruit has gone from bomb pop size to summer sausage size (while you were unaware)  and is now the size of Popeye’s forearm.   Just like that!

Watch them.   Observe them closely.   This is the time of year they will outwit you and become useless for anything other than a shredded zuchini baked casserole and that is just not right.

I’ve warned you before.   I hope you’re heeding it…Jeanie

This google image is some  novice proudly displaying their 11-pound zuchini, as if they had anything to do with it.   Only non-gardeners are impressed with this because we who know the beast know that this is a monster from hell out of control!

Great recipe here for the wayward and trickster zuch.   Warning here.

NOTE: My true friends will rejoice with me in knowing that beginning the day after Heaven Fest I began harvesting just-ripe mini Romas (aka grape tomatoes) and Patio Tomatoes.   Is God good, or what?

7 thoughts on “Never Trust a Zucchini

  1. I wanted to have a garden this summer but it never happened. But I have great neighbors who always see to plant to much. They gave me some cucumbers and zuchini (they even offered me one of the monster sized ones, but kindly refused it. No flavor in those ones) They even offered me some tasty tomatoes once they rippen. My mouth watered at the thought.


  2. At least you have the tomatoes! I’m waiting for my mother-in-law’s maters to ripen, I’ve been promised quite a few!

  3. I counted my roma’s two days ago…mind you, I didn’t put a plant in the ground until mid-June….and I have 71 roma tomatoes between four plants and 26 other kinds of tomatoes between three plants. I also have some great looking banana peppers, chile peppers, and jalapeno peppers. And the best news is..they all survived the most horendous (that word may be misspelled, sorry)storm of all time last night. Three trees in our block alone were uprooted and even our gas grill was laid out but the only damage to my little salsa garden was one little, almost ready, banana pepper fell off. Thank you, Lord for protecting my garden.

  4. yes… I did see Keith with Hillary coming right up to his door.
    That moved me ………a ‘little’
    but it’s when I got into the Zuchini stories that my funny bone got tickled. The reciepies (sp)? sound “wonderful.”
    But soon I was smiling all over the place and then the chuckling began-
    as I reaad things like……—–“Dave prefers his zuchini shredded beyond recognition——
    and on to the giant “sqid-shaped”zuchini resembling Popeye’s
    You always have a way of brightening my day, my Sweet.
    I’ll be using that cute littl one liner from time to time too.
    I have nothing to say…and i say it regularly.” How cute. It brought to mind—the Book that I’m “trying” to write. Thanks Babe~~~Mom

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