My little nutcrackers

Gavin and Guini were watching the not-very-old-but-already-classic-Christmas-movie, "Elf," the other morning in their homemade elf hats.  Their mommy sure knows how to make me laugh right out loud!


"The best way to show Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"…Jeanie

3 thoughts on “My little nutcrackers

  1. Gavin, a few days ago went out in our backyard and said, "Watch NahNah" He took a handful of snow made it into a snowball and hit himself in the head with it. Then exclaimed, "Son-of-a-nutcracker!" Isn't Christmas grand?????

  2. I just LOVE this picture! It brought joy into my day when I saw it. I cant wait to have grandchild moments like this!

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