My little Gavin is a big 8 today!

Where does the time go?  Happy Birthday Gavin Lee Kelley!! EIGHT!?!




YOU made me a Nonna!  You were the first of all the grandbebes.  And you are oh-so-wonderful in every way.




You have brought me joy and happiness every single day of your life!!  How many people can really say that?




I think you are wonderful.  I love you with my whole heart.  You make me smile, over and over again.




You deserve LOTS of good things your whole life through and I pray that very thing for you – blessing!  xxxooo

2 thoughts on “My little Gavin is a big 8 today!

  1. Happy Birthday to Gavin, a wonderful, funny, talented, smart, strong, leader. Every little girl should have a big brother like you.

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