My Happy Places

In no particular order…


On a deck at the top of the hill where the river runs wild and loud as the hummingbirds dance ~ while I sing my head off.  Peaceful Valley, Colorado.  The Powers’ family cabin.

peaceful vally, colorado


The meadow in my (recurring) dreams, tall, soft green grass, yellow dandelions grow free and bright ( a place where they are not known as weeds) and I am about four, twirling and dancing and running around.  And the sun is shining warm, and I am aware that God is smiling at me, and so pleased.

the picture gavin took of averi at family reunion in estes park


In the house on any given night when the family all gathers and the room roars with love and laughter and the sound of the grandbebes’ little feet traipsing merrily up-and-down the stairs and gift-wrap paper-wad fights break out and people say nice things to each other and good memories are recalled and released for future times.


In the early, dark morning when Dave puts his hand on me and I know he is praying over my life and my heart, a surge of peace blankets my soul.

Where are your happy places?


1 thought on “My Happy Places

  1. I love your happy places. I can’t even remember where my happy places are…being with my family is one for sure!

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