My Favorite Yet-Unknown Artists



I was thinking about how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many friends who are very creative and artistic.  Marie does it all, but oils are her true medium. When I visit Audrey's house,  or Amy Jo or look at my watercolor pears by Heather, when Judy comes to town and shows me her current works, or I've watched Pearl sculpt and mold huge theatrical sets and then cut tiny geometric pieces of paper that fit together to create an image or I use the antique desk Lisa painted with an English countryside and castle, -when I look at my "collection" of Kurt Weber's caricatures – I am just like, WOW!  These are really my favorite artists in the world!!!

guini-painting-summer-06.JPG    hunter-painting-summer-06.JPG    gavin-painting-summer-06.JPG    grandkid-paintings-hung-summer-06.JPG

Dave made Gavin an easel for his birthday this month, so I hope we are encouraging the next great generation of artists.  My favorite additions to my collection last summer were by the grandkids.  I think I could put their stuff up against a lot of displays in any modern museum in America.

Anyway – I have some art from almost all of my favorite artists and once they die, I will be really wealthy…unless I am already dead.

(Pictured, top: Gavin and Guini at his new easel, June 07.  Above: last summer's paintings and hanging them in "Grandma's Gallery," aka – The Family Room)

Create, dear ones, create!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Make my home a reflection of all the people I love the most – even the ones who haven't yet discovered the artist inside.  Surround myself with their expressions of beauty.  Let it rub off on me, too.

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