My 800th Blog Post! That’s EIGHT-HUNDRED!!!

Why I write~

Do-overs, of course!  That is why I write and why I blog.  And to inspire, to rant, to rage and to whine unabashedly.  I blog to encourage and confess, to get comments (yes, I want comments) and be snippy-if-I-wanna.

I blog to be up close and personal and tell you how adorable my grandbebes are.  I like to write about the people I love and write to the people I love.  Sometimes I’m mushy.  Sometimes I am lamenting and sometimes I have to apologize – publicly!  I get to vent, I get to express my incredible opinions, and I get to gripe if I feel like it.

I hope I have made your mouth water with my food posts and infused you with passion or zeal on some amazing topic or another along the way.  I mean, after reading Thought Collage, are you anxious to be a grandparent?  Do you want to go in deeper in worship?  Are you in love with the Word?  Do you feel better about your life because I publicly self-deprecate and tell on myself?  I hope.  I hope.  I hope!

I am so grateful for those who wade through the meaningless drivel because they know I have the occasional day of inspired, grapho-epiphanic clarity {you KNOW I made that phrase up, don’t you?} which, I am just certain, causes the angelic choirs to break out into song and lives are changed forever for it.  Yeah.  Those are few and far between.  But they happen.  Wait for it!

And, finally,  I write because I love the words.  Not just any words.  The exact words that will capture what it is I really want to say.  When, oh, when will I actually find those?….

I love blogging~


Stormie asked me what witty banter I would have for my 800th blog post?  Could she have been mocking me?  Naaaaw…surely not.

I recently saw that people on Youtube do “vlogs!”  And I was like {lightbulb moment} Vlogs?  You can do that?  Hmmmmm….


Thank-you to Tristan, the s-i-l, who got me up and running here at on Novemeber 29, 2006.  Where would all these words have gone otherwise?  Thank-you for letting me say them and giving me a safe place to keep them!

7 thoughts on “My 800th Blog Post! That’s EIGHT-HUNDRED!!!

  1. Writing the ultimate “Do-over…..Rewriting “Life.” What neat comments …of your own.! and one of the reasons that I can’t help but “reply”….is because I love (“all your reasons” for blogging.) I have yet to find~~~”meaningless drivel.”
    You are “sooooo” up close and personal—truly an open book, I’d have to say.! Then came the word…”Grapho-epiphanic”
    and I fell for it…already busy in my thoughts of checking it out in my “Webster’s Dictionary” ! ! ! I still plan to see if it’s in there. Ha! That “occassional day” you spoke of~~~comes far more than you give yourself credit for. Havn’t read one yet–that didn’t have “something” …very special–to quite astounding! For me– you find them every time…and I am blest beyond measure. Congratualations on your 800th blog.! — (I love them all.) …Of course ~~I’m your mother… but remember this~~~I never “lie.”! I love you Babe~~~Mom

  2. Wow honey! And this from a person that didn’t quite know if she wanted to participate in the World Wide Web at one time! You are prolific and eloquent and tug at all of our heart strings. I never read your posts without having tissue handy and always wonder what photo you will display next. Thank you for being you and sharing your inner-most musings, philosophy, theology, banter,heart breaks, short-comings and triumphs. I love you all the more for your many words…

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