Moslander Mountain

A Pile of Rocks

Up Boulder Canyon, just off to the left side a few miles up the mountain, is a “rock pile” sitting above the rushing river.  We affectionately call it Moslander Mountain.  Here are 27 us (of the 35 total). 


pictured below: Jovan and Averi, the family climbing and exploring

stormiereunion2-0312 stormiereunion2-048 ourcamreunion09-311

pictured below: a rite of passage for the men is to get to the peak; the 2 on the right are both DP from different cameras.

stormiereunion2-057 stormiereunion2-063 tamis-reunion-pics-495

pictured below: Robin with her kids, Elise and Corbin;  “the boys” Gerron, Dan and Joe

stormiereunion2-062 stormiereunion2-076

pictured below: the water was a little too crazy to wade in that day

tamis-reunion-pics-479 tamis-reunion-pics-480

A Beautiful Day.

tamis-reunion-pics-483 tamis-reunion-pics-488


tamis-reunion-pics-486 tamis-reunion-pics-490 stormiereunion2-0321

tamis-reunion-pics-489 tamis-reunion-pics-493

Psalm 95.4  NIV  “In His hands are the depth of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.”

I am family-rich.

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