Mon Pauvre Petits Arbres**

**My poor little trees

They were not done revealing their zenith, had barely begun to undress.  Tsk.  Pauvres bébés.

You can see the strees down the fenceline, still almost fully leafed, and my little raindrop tree is bowing low, as are the Christmas lights strung across the patio for ambiance – hanging very low, indeed!  The grill looks like it has perhaps 3″ on top?  They have threatened 6″…we shall see…

An Aspen in the backyard that is 12 feet away is practically hanging in the kitchen window today.  Well, excuse me.

Bonjour, snow.  Have mercy on my tree boughs, s’il te plait.

Heavy wet snow on leafy branches = no bueno

Happy Birthday, Sherri Cramer O’Neal! xxoo

Joyeux anniversaire à un ami très long-temps. Vous apportez beaucoup de souvenirs heureux remontant au moins à 36 ou 37 années …. qui était, vous le savez, le jour de votre naissance! Bénédictions, ma fille!

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