Miss you, babe

I miss you.

Twenty-eight years of you and still, I have not had my fill.  You are only across the state, but it seems just as far as if you were across the ocean.

The evening is perfect.  If you were here you’d make me quit working to join you on the swing. 

Thank-you for stocking the fridge for me and filling up my tank and for your help on my projects before you left and for marrying me 28 years ago. 

I miss you, babe.  I’d marry you all over again, too.  xxxooo.

2 thoughts on “Miss you, babe

  1. I miss you too, Durango of all places. Pretty but still, I’d rather be home with you on that swing! Hmmm let me see, the Econo Lodge in Durango. I drove into town at night and passed no less than 3 quite nice hotels and finally found… The Econo Lodge. Had a big sandwich board sign that read: ENTER in huge red Helvetica letters with a black arrow. The night propriter was standing on the veranda sucking on a Camel, seemed like a nice enough guy. Had to take my credit card for any “amenities”, I asked why? The company was paying, why not put it on their’s. “Well in case you throw the TV out the window.” Was his rye answer. “Is the programing that bad?” I haven’t even turned on the TV and I’ll be checking out in the morning now. “Well, we don’t charge you, we just take an imprint and then hit the ‘Cancel’ button.” “If you’re going to cancel it anyway, why don’t I just slip it back in my wallet and cut out the middle man?”. “Well, I can’t check you in without it.” “Last time they told me they would ‘cancel’ the charge I ended up getting charged for both nights”. He still wouldn’t budge, so I saw him swipe it, my card number came up and he canceled it. Then I checked my bank this morning to make sure, so far, so good.
    He gave me two of those little credit card thingys to swipe, guess what? One works, the other doesn’t. Why not just give me one and cut out the middle man?
    After unsticking the door of the room, either constant humidity or Billy the maintenance man just painted it, I turned on the light. It’s one of those blue cast bulbs that is designed to make you see better. Sylvania Bright Whites or GE Reveals. I was just glad it didn’t reveal any roaches. This room sort of reminded me of that motel in L.A. Confidential where they used to work over all of the malcontents and informants. I expected Russell Crowe to knock on the door in a wife beater and, well… beat me.

    Came over Wolf Creek Pass, yes patrons of the 70’s the song made famous by none other than C.W. McCall…
    It was everything he said it was, 7% grade, switchback curves that looked like Milaria germs.

    Well this is getting long, so maybe I should continue this on my own blog…
    Stay tuned, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel…

    ps. sorry about the spelling, no spell check which I rely on heavily, I think I’m a little typing dyslexic…

    see you at my blog: http://www.daverhoades.org/blog/
    I love you, honey…

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