May Days

Celebrate good times, come on!

Warning: loooooooong post :}  But it’s only the second half of the month-I promise!

Family Dinner on a Monday night~

may-days-082 may-days-0761

For Steph’s birthday we just sorta decided to “take over” this itty-bitty family-owned hole-in-the-wall spot in Brighton: Marisco’s Mazatlan.  Steph simply adores their chicken fajitas so we warned them and we showed up…bunches and bunches of us, using about 89% of their total table space.

 storms-memorial-day-006 storms-memorial-day-005

It was THE hottest day of the year so far and their air conditioning, combined with a zillion skillets of steaming fajitas, plates of chimis and enchiladas and mounds of steamy beans and rice couldn’t quite keep up with all of us.

may-days-105 storms-memorial-day-052

Then it was back to the house for strawberry shortcake and presents and stories and letters about and to Stephanie.  The predominant theme seemd to be tied to the meaning of her name: a crown or garland, a festooning.  So we celebrated the woman she is and we festooned her with praises  (Yes, we had just had strawberry shortcake for Tara’s birthday, but once is never enough!)

Celebrating Stephanie was such an honor.  She really is, without at all being a soccer-mom-typical-suburbia-type-woman, a virtuous woman/wife/mommy in the Proverbs 31 sense.  She is anything but cliche, but she is a woman to be praised.  I love and admire her with all my heart.  She is the family festooning!  Good times.

Zoo Day and Farewell to Kindergarten~

Gavin and his whole class got to ride the big yellow school bus to the zoo for an end-of-the-school-year celebration.  Riding a big yellow bus was one of the main reasons Gavin wanted to go to school in the first place.  Imagine his surprise at the bait-and-switch when we loaded him up with school supplies and then – he had to ride in the car.  Bummer.

zoo4 zoo5

But for his patience, he was rewarded when they went to the Denver Zoo.  He was assigned a group with his 3 best friends and their mommies chaperoned.  The mommies beamed, I hear, when told they had the “rowdy bunch.”  I am so glad they can appreciate youthful joy and delight – even if it does get a little loud and crazy, at times.  Steph said the boys shared their lunches and watched out for each other, holding hands when the crowd was thick.

zoo6 zoo7

Who knew you could have such true friends in Kindergarten??  Gavin will be attending a school closer to his house than mine next year, but I hope he will always remember the great friends and the running and jumping playtime they have enjoyed together.  Good times.

Estes Park for writers

Dave and I got to go spend some time in Estes Park where Christian writers annually gather for inspiration and opportunity.  I just go for the scenery and the food.  Even though we’re only an hour from home, being in the mountains is an important hour! 

may-days-027 may-days-050

It is refreshing and simple and lovely.  I get to meet all sorts of interesting people and be with Dave, besides all that (he is pictured here with critters and with Robert Liparulo).  Lots of walking (all uphill), holding hands and talking dreams like you can only do when you’re “away.”  Good times.

Hang-out Time with Hunter

This is an amazing kid.  When his mommy and daddy travel for ministry, they try to take him along.  He is a globetrottter!  But sometimes he has to stay – like the days DP and Tara went in to Mexico to do ministry this month.  And I cherish the moments I get to be with him.  Hunter told Stormie “I love school with Nonna because it’s all about letters and grass.  And I love those things.”  These are good times.

may-days-067 from-stormies-cam-143

Memorial Day and a red-headed boy and a red-headed girl on another Monday~

photos-023 storms-memorial-day-136

Gemma turned 2 on May 23rd.  Gavin will be 6 on June 2.  With traveling schedules and all that summer brings, we decided to celebrate them on Memorial Day Monday, early in the day.


I wanted to do a 7-tier Fancy-Nancy cake full of boas and streamers and bejeweled to the hilt for Gemma, but her mommy said, “Let’s go simple…maybe do a ‘Gemma-face’.”  So for her I just did an oreo-cookie, strawberry and real whipped cream ice cream cake.  I tried to replicate Gemma’s very zealous full-face-and-eyes-all-squinchy smile, as that is the one she flashes at any hint of fun.  I don’t think her exuberance can actually be captured in ice cream, but there it was, nonetheless.  My attempt.

storms-memorial-day-100 storms-memorial-day-097

Gavin has asked for a Batman cake pretty much once a week ever since his Transformer party last year.  I think he may have been thinking that I’d do some full-fledged, standing-upright-cape-blowing-in-the-breeze Batman like the Optimus Prime from last year (read more about that scary experience here).  But with 2 cakes on one day, again with the simple.  I just cut a man with bat ears out of a chocolate half sheet and covered it in fondant.  Black fondant.  A great icing for the grandsons.  They relished baring their black teeth and tongue after the eating.  Good times.

Friends and family far and wide

May is one of those months.  Anniversaries and weddings, graduations and school year’s ending.  Everytime I turn around, there seems something to celebrate, to rejoice in, to recount the faithfulness of God and His favor on lives.  So happy dancing-and-joy to all celebrants!  Congratulations and best wishes for you!  Despite the economy and bad news we get bombarded with, these are, indeed,  good times. 

“You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.”  Psalm 65.11 NKJV

God is great, God is good…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Develop a much, much, much more grateful heart and awareness of the abiding love of God in my life.  My times are His hands…

3 thoughts on “May Days

  1. Wow! That was a long post!

    Yes, May has been a very fun month for sure – I love my Birthday! ;o)

    I can’t believe that we are almost into June….

  2. I love reading your posts- especially the ones about your family! I think it’s so cool how you guys make everyone’s birthday so special, and write letters to the birthday boy/girl, or do movie clips that remind you of them. I just think it is so cool how well you guys show your love to each other- I admire that! What a cool blessing you guys are, not only to each other, but to everyone around you. (Myself included!)

    1. Thank-you, sweet Jenny! I am always fearful of being too indulgent about how much I love my family or admire them, but after all, ultimately, I am blogging for them to know that! YOU are so special to us, as well. I thank God Jovan has such an amazing best friend and confidante in life! Not everyone ever gets what you guys have. It is blessed – and because of that? We all adore YOU as well!

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