Making a List @ Christmastime


No more gift wrap!  Please…

I just discovered I have 3500 sq. feet of Christmas giftwrap on 70 never-opened rolls in a nice, big wrapping box.  This does NOT include 15+ rolls (Ok, 17, whatever)  that are currently opened and in use.  My husband is so sweet to me.  He lets me buy clearance and store it on shelves in his garage (where I can’t reach it and forget to use it and buy more clearance the following year).  The thing I truly love is that I always wait for 90% off and then only get the foil or mylar or other premium types I like.  Dave, however, will sometimes buy those 200-sq-foot regular ones because they were only 52-cents or something.  NO MORE, I tell him!  Only the super good stuff. 


I actually have Star Wars collectible paper and tags and a few rolls left from when I was still in retail management and would get them waaaay after C-mas for 4-cents (and then my 20% discount!).  So I haven’t paid a lot.  And we DO wrap lots of gifts each year (have I ever mentioned that we l o v e Christmas, big-time!??).  Nonetheless, I had the daughters come and take some home.  You know, so there will be room for…

{I am not even going to tell you how many gift boxes and bags I have – in ALL sizes!}  Don’t be judging, at least it is ALL about giving!


In weather today-

Now then, 45-degrees at 7 am and hitting the mid-50s everyday?  Green grass still seen about town?  Um, hello?  This is Colorado still, right?  Need a little Christmas weather, right this very minute!  I wholly appreciate the bright sunshine and I hear the mountains are getting their fluffy white.  And let it be known I just need a good “Christmas snow” or two and then I am fine for the rest of winter, thank-you, very much.  But really, if it were March, I’d be gardening in this weather!


I Christmased with Hunter and Averi yesterday

Amelie could not be trusted to participate because her current penchant is to find the tiniest peice of glitter or star confetti and place it directly in her mouth.  I need a magnifying glass to see what that girl sees!


I taught Hunter to sew.  When I grabbed my camera he asked, and what makes this funny is the recent Powers-Fam Christmas greeting video, which I posted yesterday, (CLICK HERE), “Do you want to make a movie of me learning to sew?”  Haha.  He once told me he planned to be a Youtube star and I think he is taking all the right steps (as well as acting as his own agent)!


Super-duper important to Magoo that you see he is working with a real needle!


Stephanie May of posted the cutest tutorial yesterday!

Yes, my daughter, I am proud to say, created the cutest leggings from some striped shirts she got at last week’s mad clothes swap – the one in  my living room?!!  Did I mention that?  Anyhow – she is quite creative and re-purposeful and her models, Guini and Gemma, are most adorable and not just because they are my grandbebes!  No, they are truly gorgeous and spirited little women (and mine, all mine…well, actually, I must share)!   SEE THE FULL POST WITH HOW-TO HERE.

{5 and final}

So, yeah…there was this big clothes~swap/breakfast/then thrift shopping/then lunch kind of thing at the house last Saturday…


The l.r. heavily-laden with everyone’s cast-offs; Tara holding back the crowds before the mad-swap begins.


There were about 20-some of us and lots of great clothes and jewelry and shoes!  And other stuff.


Oh it was craziness.  Know why you have a swap?  To clean out your closet, you know, so there will be room for…

Love and JOY!

3 thoughts on “Making a List @ Christmastime

  1. Well my sweet friend, I’ll take some of that foil paper off your hands. I too only buy the shiny stuff. Love the way it sparks under the tree. I’ve learned to not buy so much anymore. I just don’t have the room for it all.

    I had so much fun at that swap/thrift store shopping day. And to thing I wasn’t going to come. I only went cause Audrey said she wanted me to come. Glad she did. It was a BLAST! Looking forward to the next one.

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